Our Mission

Our mission is to support, grow, develop, and expand healers who have natural-born talents or feel a calling to do healing in the world. We help healers on their journeys to become incredible practitioners who use their healing abilities to support family and friends or want to create or grow a business. Using the Tollerra Methodology, we support healers to perform powerful healing for themselves and others. We teach healers to thrive by using their gifts to share with the world and build their dream lives.

Our Vision

We want a world filled with happiness and joy where everyone lives in their highest life potential and energetic vibration. The Center for Lifelong Happiness constantly strives to reach and maintain this vision for ourselves and those who allow us to guide and assist them along their journey to lifelong happiness.

Mary Ann Robbat, Ed.M.

Founder, Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Shaman, Life Coach & Medium

Mary Ann Robbat is a Master Energy Healer, Intuitive, Life Coach, and founder of the Center for Lifelong Happiness and The Journey of the Healer School. Mary Ann has been transforming lives for more than 20 years by precisely identifying the limiting beliefs and emotionally charged issues that block clients from the joyful, abundant life they deserve. Mary Ann easily connects spiritual and energy practices to real-world living in her innovative programs, which guide individuals to heal themselves and embrace their natural-born healing gifts to become powerful healers with thriving energy healing practices.

Mary Ann’s proven Tollerra Methodology, as outlined in her award-winning book, Engaging Your Power, has allowed thousands of people to release limiting beliefs, align their physical, emotional, and spiritual energy, and manifest their desired life. Her second book, Awaken the Healer, is due out fall of 2018. Through three innovative training programs she developed, Mary Ann has guided thousands of individuals to heal themselves, open their intuition, and answer the call to become powerful healers with their own practices. These training programs have produced amazing healing results, created consistent client flow for healers, and ignited the realization of many dreams.

Her educational experience includes a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University, certification from The Center for Creative Leadership, and certification as a Success Unlimited Network coach. Her professional experience includes 15 years as a corporate executive working at senior management level and as an executive coach with clients worldwide.

Mary Ann has travelled all over the world personally and professionally. She is the mother of triplets, a wife, and a published author. She has a passion for skiing, hiking, spending time outdoors, breaking through paradigms, and working with her hands.
“My practice has evolved over the years as I have passionately pursued my own desires to live the life I want. This journey led me to re-open my gift of divine intuition, energy healing and shamanism. I am continually curious about how people can be, do and have all that they want in this life, myself included. This curiosity has led me to learn many disciplines and create my own Tollerra Methodology for healing and coaching. My practice is focused on the integration and systemization of all of these disciplines to help accelerate how you can live your life full out! I look forward to connecting with you.”

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