Are You Answering the Call to be a Healer or to be Healed?

Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life

4 powerful steps to release pain, confusion, and blocked energy


Discover how to shift from where you are to where you want to be


Awaken and expand your intuition to align with your soul purpose, emerge from limiting beliefs, and deepen your healing abilities.


Live life from a higher vibration and co-create a life of higher possibilities

About Mary Ann Robbat

Director & Founder of the Center of Lifelong Happiness

For more than 20 years I have guided thousands of individuals to heal themselves, open their intuition, and answer the call to become powerful. I am a Master Energy Healer, Shaman and founder of two healing schools, which have ignited the realization of many dreams.

The path to a powerful life

A book on how to use your divine energy to live the life you want

You will learn how to harness your energy, shift your beliefs, and become a powerful “manifestor”—a person who actually knows how to turn dreams into reality.

Awaken Your Healer Within

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Mary Ann is a Master Teacher! My intuition has only gotten stronger since working with her. I have created new levels of self trust and freedom with my gifts. It makes everything in life easier! I’m so grateful for the growth I have stepped into because I have Mary Ann in my life!


Founder of the Freedom Project

Developing my intuition has allowed me to step deeply into my power as a healer and magnify the work I do for myself and my clients. What I am experiencing is pure beauty.


Spiritual Energy Healer

Tuning into my intuition is possibly the most important skill I’ve developed in my life. It has guided me through traveling in foreign countries on my own and “knowing” who I can trust. It helps guide me when healing others by “knowing” what is needed for them. It helps me know when to stay yes and when to say no. I am grateful every day for my ability to access my intuition.


Spiritual Energy Healer

Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life

4 powerful steps to release pain, confusion, and blocked energy