feeling happier, lighter and more alive by removing any energetic blockages, raising your vibration and stimulating the flow of energy.

growing in your career or business – and up-leveling in every area of your life.

showing up as a better leader for your clients, team, loved ones, and the world.

becoming a Powerful and Confident Energy Healer.

Imagine feeling happier, lighter and more alive by removing any energetic blockages, raising your vibration and stimulating the flow of energy.

Imagine growing in your career or business – and up-leveling in every area of your life.

Imagine showing up as a better leader for your clients, team, loved ones, and the world.

Imagine becoming a Powerful and Confident Energy Healer.

To find out if you’re ready to join a select, extraordinary group of soulful journeyers and healers, click the button below to schedule a call with me or one of my coaches.

It’s no coincidence you made it to this page.

Perhaps you’re here because you have a deep longing to experience complete trust in life.

Your soul may be urging you to get out of your head so that you can start living and leading from your heart.

It’s time to move beyond your fears and doubts because a bigger life adventure awaits.

If you long to:

  • Experience effortless flow and ease no matter what uncertainty or challenge comes your way…
  • Expand your ability to manifest miracles and crazy-incredible dreams for yourself and others…
  • Connect to your spiritual guides to help you navigate and create what you want in life…
  • Activate your healing gifts to create a bigger impact in the world…
… then Journey of the Healer is a passageway to begin the sacred adventure that’s waiting for you. Get ready to start truly feeling, seeing, sensing, AND knowing – all of the skill sets that are innate and essential to living your one true life and being able to support others on their journeys.

During this journey, you will dive deep into the energetic blocks, limiting beliefs and misalignments to your Soul, to create deep healing and transformation in your life, and to use these skills to help others – whether in a corporate environment, with your family and friends, your community and beyond.

And if you’d love to use what you learn and apply it professionally, I’ll teach you all of the best strategies for building a 6-figure energy healing business.

You’re drawn to a spiritual path, a healing profession or spiritual way of being and you want to know how to apply your gifts to transform people’s lives.

You’re a professional woman who desires to know how to manage your energy to create ease and flow in your day-to-day life.

You consider yourself highly sensitive or empathic and know that there’s a way to use your gifts to enhance your life and the lives of others.

You’re tired of hiding your spiritual abilities and true self in order to fit into the world.

You’re fascinated by how energy healing works to heal lives – whether that means from illness, trauma, hardship, etc.

You’re already an energy healer, coach or transformer of lives, and want to take your work or business to the next level.

If you resonate with any of the above,
Journey of the Healer is for you.

Our world is currently undergoing some major shifts.

If you’ve been experiencing a desire for deeper transformation and awakening in your life, you’re not alone.

Perhaps you’re noticing that some of your relationships, career choices, or habitual behaviors aren’t in alignment with your values or vision. Yet making the necessary shifts to change these aspects in your life feels almost impossible.

Hi, I’m Mary Ann Robbat.

… and I’m thrilled you’re here.

I’m a Master Energy Healer, Guide and Transformational Leader.

20 years ago, I was working in corporate America when I suddenly understood the importance of energy and vibration.

Basically, I realized that energy and vibration were the keys to easily achieving what I desired in this lifetime.

So I began my journey to understand exactly how it all worked – and how to use it to my advantage and to the advantage of those around me.

I began to develop a connection to a deep internal wisdom I always knew I had but was never able to truly access.

I learned how to dissolve unconscious energetic blocks that were holding me back from leading the life my soul desperately craved.

I found some of the most powerful shamans, teachers and healers of our time. I started working with Ascended Masters (spiritually enlightened beings) who helped me create innovative processes to achieve deep healing and life-altering transformation.

And because of this amazing journey, I manifested my soul purpose, which led me to become a Master Energy Healer, Shaman, and Spiritual Coach.

Since then, I’ve worked with thousands of people around the world, mentoring the next generation of leaders, energy healers, professionals, women desiring more, and lightworkers poised to create massive transformational shifts in people’s lives.

My proven methodologies have allowed thousands of people to release limiting beliefs, step into their confidence, move beyond fear, and align their physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual energies to manifest their desired lives.

Do you feel the call to awaken your healing gifts and make a bigger impact in the world with a community of soul-driven seekers and healers?

Journey of the Healer is a 12-month program divided into 3 steps:

Step # 1: Understand Your Purpose and Master Your Energy

The first foundational step to Journey of the Healer is to understand and reawaken your deepest purpose for being on this planet.

Next, you must master the energy processes necessary for creating and enhancing the life you desire. Our Journey of the Healer energy processes will expand your capacity to manifest the life, flow and ease that you want. During these processes, you’ll learn innovative new ways to access and create change in your life that really supports you.

Step # 2 - Tollera Methodology™

The Tollera Methodology is the framework for healing on four levels: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Energetic.

When it comes to energy healing, many healers use only one or two modalities, which produces short-term results. The Tollera Methodology was designed to cover the entire spectrum, which will allow you and your clients to experience maximum, long-term healing and transformation.

By learning to apply the Tollera Methodology, you’ll be equipped to create powerful shifts for yourself. If you’re a healer or want to be a healer, you’ll be able to create powerful shifts for your clients as early as the FIRST healing session. In fact, your clients will be so satisfied, they’ll book ongoing sessions to sustain and accelerate their results.

As a student, you’ll apply this methodology through hands-on practice in small groups and simultaneously experience the positive healing effects for yourself.

Step # 3 - CORE Methodology™

The Core Methodology is the signature system you’ll follow and learn throughout the year so you can accurately identify deep-rooted issues for yourself instead of just treating the symptoms. Also, if you’re a healer or want to become one, knowing how to apply the Core Methodology will give you a leg up over your competition and win your client’s trust (and heart). Your clients will KNOW that they are in the hands of an expert.

BONUS: Best Practices for Creating and Growing Your Energy Healing Business

It’s one thing to know your craft and be a masterful practitioner, but it’s an entirely different ballgame to become a business owner. We totally get it!

And that’s why we’re offering this bonus, to teach you how to market your energy healing practice and run a spiritually-aligned, profitable business.

Discover how to develop a marketing system to attract your ideal clients, promote yourself without appearing desperate, and build a referral system so that your pipeline is always brimming with soul-aligned clients. (Note: These same practices can also be applied to your current profession to transform your results).

Check out some of our students’ results:
“This program helped me to deepen my intuition and gave me a community to reach out for healing and help at any time! This program impacted me so deeply I chose to sign up for year two!” -S M.

Here’s what one of my students texted me…

Hi Maryann – I wanted to share something with you…which you and JOTH (Journey of the healer) are in many ways responsible for. This past weekend I went skydiving! I literally SOARED (my soul message). I look back on the pictures not even a week later and I’m crying with elation over what I did. And I love my new self. The self I’ve been working on for a while that I had mixed feelings about but now adore. Thank you for helping to pave the way!!! 😊 – SB

“I uncovered and released beliefs and blocks holding me back from being my most confident self. I learned valuable energy techniques that helped to align and rejuvenate my purpose and practice. I am now in an exciting and fulfilling business that I am embracing with all of my heart and energy. ” -F.M.
“I joined Journey of the Healer to activate more of my abilities to attract my desires and support my marketing clients in a deeper way. I took away so much from being in JOTH. I enhanced my intuition, raised my vibration, learned about my own soul purpose, and how to clear energy which was so helpful for me as a super empath. I now how a process to lead myself and others through to get to the next level in life. I highly recommend JOTH to any being looking to activate their spiritual gifts and step into their soul path.” – D.F.
12 months of training and practical application

Training, Healing, Coaching, Practice and Q&A Calls

  • Two 90-minute training and Q&A calls per month; one call will focus on the training content and the second call will answer your questions to help you apply the teachings to everyday life. These questions can be related to real client situations (yes, you can start working with clients right away if you desire!), as well as personal questions of applying what I’m teaching or breakthroughs.
  • Six one-on-one, 20-minute laser coaching calls with me or my personally trained team to answer questions, clear up any confusion, and help you stay in alignment with your goals.
  • One group practice session a month to do your own healing work and to build confidence in using the processes and techniques.
That’s more than 40 calls, during which you’ll receive personalized attention  or customized healing.

3 In-person Immersive Experiences:

Our immersive experiences are truly life-changing! Join a powerful community of seekers and healers to experience deep, intensive work that will shift and transform you. Along with my training and support, be prepared to undergo some massive shifts, and end the day fully inspired and ready to take action.

Mark your calendars!
The first virtual immersion experience is February 4-6, 2021
  • Feel the magic immediately start to flow as we gather our transformative healing circle and dive deeply into the work.
  • Get ready to practice what you’ve learned and apply the concepts in your life or healing practice right away.
  • Connect with your gifts and immerse yourself in both receiving and practicing healing with energy.
  • 10x your proficiency levels and confidence!

Heal, Learn, and Practice the Tollerra Methodology:

Throughout the year, you’ll learn techniques, processes and tools to open up, release and access more of your gifts by using the Tollerra Methodology. We will work within all four levels of healing to create an experience of deep, lasting and transformative growth in your life.

We’ll also break up into small teams and practice what you experienced for yourself and what you learned in real time (not just once, but several times) so you gain more clarity and confidence to immediately begin using this technique in your life or with your clients. I’m available to answer any questions and provide guidance.

The High-Vibe Community

Join this exclusive online community of fellow journeyers or healers and form lifelong bonds of friendship, support and possible joint venture collaborations. PLUS, receive support and coaching in a private chat group!

Worried that you’ll miss a training or won’t be able to keep up?

You’ll receive extra goodies, tools, and resources that will be provided as learning aids, as well as the recordings of all training sessions, frameworks, handouts, meditations, practice exercises, and energy clearings.
Receive a Journey of the Healer Graduation Certificate
If you are a Healer, upon completion of the course, you’ll earn an advanced Healing Certificate to proudly display on your office wall and use to boost your credibility.
Journey of the Healer
Lead with skills, experience and confidence using the in-depth training modules developed from over 25 years of mastery.

Understand Your Purpose and Master Your Energy

  • Exercises to support you in clearly identifying and speaking into your purpose 
  • A vision process so you can move your purpose into reality
  • Training to help expand your capacity to step into your biggest dreams

Tollera Methodology™

The effective healing process that occurs at 4 levels – Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Energetic

Physical Healing
  • How to Read and Heal Chakras
  • Finding and Removing Fluid Energies
  • Cutting Chords to Spiritual Past, Emotional Past and Family Past
  • Healing Lineage Patterns
  • Chords to Patterns, Emotional Stunted Energy
  • How to Read Tissues/Organs/Cells
  • Bands of Protection
  • Identification of Common Stuck Energy Points
  • How to Heal Tissues/Organs/Cells
  • Advanced Techniques (repatterning, mapping and cellular rejuvenation)
Emotional Healing
  • How to uncover and shift Beliefs
  • Working with Trauma
  • Create Mantras
  • Manifestation Beliefs
  • Disconnect from How We See Ourselves and Reconnect to How Our Spirit Sees Us
Energetic Healing
  • 6 processes to Expand Energy
  • Introduction to Crystal Grids
  • Connecting to Your Personal Crystal Grids
  • How to Enhance Your Vibration in the Grid
  • Build your Crystal Garden
  • How to Keep the Connection, Let Them Run Through You and Your Life.
  • How to Use Your Vibrational Cards for Yourself, Family, and Your Clients
Spiritual Healing
  • How souls are created
  • Soul Influencers
  • Reading Soul
  • Identifying and Shifting Soul Contracts
  • Reading Akashic Records
CORE Methodology™
  • Maintaining Your Energetic Hygiene
    • Your highest frequency
    • Your own powerful energy field
    • Releasing other’s energy from you
  • Connecting to Spiritual Support
    • Your spirit guides
    • Client spirit guides
  • Protecting Your Energy and Your Clients’ Energies
  • Clearing Space
  • Coaching Your Clients
    • Learning Which Questions to Ask
    • Assessing When to Go Deeper
    • Discovering How to End Each Coaching Session on a Positive and Empowering Note

Best Practices for Running Your Healing Business

  • How to Promote Your Services in an Authentic Way
  • Discovering Value Based Marketing Strategies to Sign Up Paying Clients
  • Creating Your Memorable Marketing Message
  • Offering and Setting Up Private Sessions With Clients
  • How to Scale Your Energy Healing Practice
  • How to Qualify Prospects by Asking the Right Questions
  • Using Stay-in-Touch Marketing Strategies to Stay on Your Prospects Minds
  • Manifesting Financial Growth by Using Energetic Principles With Faith and Confidence
“For the first time, the pain I constantly experience in my body has finally begun to ease up. It’s all because of the powerful cellular memory healing technique Mary Ann just taught us in Journey of the Healer. It’s been a life changer for me!” – Margaret

Wondering if this program will work for you?

You’re not alone….Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that your fellow Energy Healers, Intuitives and Soulful Journeyers asked before saying “YES” to Journey of the Healer.

I want to do this but I’m spread way too thin with personal commitments. Not to mention, meeting the demands of a full-time job. How much time is this going to take?

We hear you.

And many of our students are in a similar situation, if that’s any consolation.

Some are stay-at-home moms to young toddlers.

Some are corporate professionals juggling demanding jobs and not-so-easy-to-please bosses.

But here’s the thing….

You know deep down that your soul is craving these teachings, if you can just commit to 2 hours per week to the training and practice exercises, you’ll do amazing. Any extra work you do on your part is a bonus, because remember… you get what you put in.

On our end, we promise to meet you where you are, spare the impractical content you don’t need and focus on the essentials of the training program.

I’ve taken several courses on healing modalities. How is this any different?

While most courses specialize on teaching you the healing modalities, they don’t give you a comprehensive system that helps clients achieve holistic and sustainable results.

In my 25 years of experience and working with thousands of clients, I’ve developed a system that shows you how to heal yourself and/or clients on four levels; physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. This is a revolutionary concept and most programs and energy schools aren’t teaching energy healing in this way (I’ve done the research!).

Sure, you can give someone Reiki or use crystals, but without using a proven, holistic system that goes way beyond the healing modality, the results will be subpar at best.


Journey of the Healer is for you if you experience any of the following...
  • You have a soul desire to activate your spiritual abilities.
  • You want to trust yourself and your intuition more.
  • You’re curious about energy healing and have already taken a course or two.
  • You want to grow your energy healing practice.
  • You rely mostly on intuition but crave a system that consciously connects it all for you.
  • You desire advanced education and mastery in the healing arts.
  • You have too much knowledge and want a cohesive plan that integrates all healing modalities.
  • You want to scale your energy healing practice.
  • You want to bolster your confidence in your business or career 
  • You have a desire to do your own healing or learn how to live an extraordinary life.


What if I can’t make it to the live calls and/or live events?

We highly recommend you try your best to make it to the live calls and events, because when you’re in a room full of high-vibe amazing women, that energy rubs off on you.

And when it does… it’s pure magic!

You’ll experience breakthroughs, divine downloads and build your momentum even faster.

But we understand that life gets in the way and it’s not always possible to show up in person.

All training calls are recorded for your convenience. You can listen to them on YOUR OWN TIME, ANYTIME. They are released within 24 hours.

Will I receive a completion certificate?


When you complete the trainings in Level 1 (the first year), you will receive a Level 1 Advanced Certification. At the end of level 1, you may choose to go forward for an additional year to earn the Level 2 Mastery Certification. (We highly recommend the second year).

How is the program structured?

There are three 3-day immersion sessions over the course of the year with two virtual group training calls each month.

Training sessions are held on Mondays. One call per month is a teaching call where I will continue to grow your capabilities. The second call is a Q&A session during which you can ask me anything about your work or your client situations and I will show you ways to handle them. This is a great call because we take on real-life case studies and I teach you (in real time) how to support different issues. During this call, we also block out time to talk about the business side of managing a successful healing practice.

You get unlimited access to our healing community through group chat for support, as well as a dedicated members area where all important training dates and resources are stored. This also includes recorded sessions, meditations and handouts.

Is this a group program?

Yes, this is a group program. The group is made up of individuals who want to live more spiritually aligned lives and of healers who want to grow or expand their healing practices.

Everyone is in this program to learn the concepts of healing on the four levels (Spiritual, Energetic, Emotional and Physical) and how to apply it to their lives.

For those who want to take the work to the next level and start healing businesses, we support you by creating a strong and powerful group of healers living life from a place of confidence, love and possibility. The community will be a big support system for your growth and transformation.

Will I get a 1:1 coaching session?

You betcha!

You’ll receive six one-on-one 20 minute laser calls with me or my personally trained team to answer questions and clear up any confusion. That’s more than 20 calls in total for you to receive personalized attention for your questions, concerns or even some personalized healing.

If you’re interested in additional 1:1 coaching with Mary Ann to support you while you’re in the program, you can book a consultation call. We have a few 1:1 spots remaining, so hurry!

What are the payment options?

There are two payment options, which we will go over during your vision call.

With the pay-in-full option, you get two additional private 30-minute calls with Mary Ann.

You also have a monthly payment option.

Anything else I need to know?

Just one more thing.

To reserve your enrollment spot, you’ll be required to make a non-refundable initial payment of $1000.

I am drawn to becoming an energy healer but love my corporate job too. Can I combine them both?


Who says it has to be one or the other?

We currently have students who apply the healing techniques from the curriculum in their current jobs, such as nursing for example.

You don’t have to give up the job you love, to do healing work as a full time occupation. You get to keep both!

When can I enroll in The Journey of the Healer School?

I’m currently handpicking students to ensure we have a group of Soulful Journeyers and Healers who are ready and able to do their work in the world.

Journey of the Healer is specifically designed for the two types of individuals: 1) People who are already healers and want to expand their healing powers and practice,  and 2) People who know that they have intuitive gifts and want to bring them out in the world.

Still have questions? We’d love to help!

Click Here to book a Vision Call

I am filled with so much gratitude with how this program has changed my life and really had me step out with my healing gifts! – Heather M.
Meet Laura, who went from feeling empty in life as a successful High tech executive for 17 years to finding her soul purpose, activating her healing abilities, becoming a master manifestor, and sought after healer.

5 Ways to know that you’re ready for
Journey of the Healer


  • You’re just starting to learn about energy healing and the impact it can have on your life. You have a desire to learn more in order to support yourself and what you choose to do in the world. Whether you want to be a healer or apply energy healing to your current career, this program will help you to understand and evolve your knowledge, skill and capability.
  • You’ve been trying to make a living as an energy healer for months (or years) and want to learn from a multiple 6-figure mentor who’s been in the trenches for 25 years, has a proven battle-tested system that will have you look back 6 months from now and say, “I can’t believe I get to work with soul-aligned clients!”
  • You have no problem with committing 2 hours per week as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest in learning, applying and practicing the material is a huge giant step forward toward your own healing and/or becoming a thriving energy healer.
  • You’re already investing time and energy, doing things like reading energy books about chakras or Shamanism, signing up for telesummits to soak in ‘additional knowledge,’ and filling in worksheets from the 10th healing course you signed up for six months ago. Only problem is, without a clear roadmap that ties all these pieces together, you’ve experienced nothing but frustration and credit card debt, followed by quitting altogether.
  • You know you’re here to share your gifts with the world and make a difference, through using energy techniques in the work you do and how you connect to people. The thought of another career or your current job fills you with dread and anxiety, because that would mean you’re not living your life’s purpose.
I came to Mary Ann as an accomplished person who was stuck. I wanted to make changes and find joy in my life, but it was gridlock. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t making the kind of movement that I desperately wanted. Mary Ann’s programs helped me to discover and dissolve beliefs that were blocking me. They also helped me to retrieve parts of me that had been hidden through years of just going along to get along. I now shine with a new light and I understand how to go after what I want. I have transitioned into a new teaching career that fits me and feeds my soul – Lisa L.

We at Journey of the Healer take a stand for our students and are committed to see them succeed and change lives for the better.

By now, you already know that in order to heal yourself to show up in your greatest contribution or to step into the role of a confident and a successful energy healer, you need to:

  • Invest in a comprehensive “what’s working now” proven energy healing system, taught by a 6-figure mentor who brings 25 years of experience in the energy healing and practice industry.


  • Apply the techniques to self-heal and bust your limiting beliefs and energy blocks.


  • Understand how to heal yourself and your clients quickly and powerfully with confidence.


  • Eliminate self-doubt such as “Can I do this?” “Am I gifted?” for good.


If you know you are destined for more, you want to make a bigger contribution in Business, with Team Members, Leadership, Parenting or your Artistic endeavors to help yourself and others transform their lives…… enroll in Journey of the Healer.

If you’ve got your sights set on becoming a thriving energy healer, being of service, transforming people’s lives, and using your innate gifts… you need to enroll in Journey of the Healer.

If you’re ready, we look forward to having you as our student and making the next 12 months the most rewarding and impactful time of your life.

We invite you to call us to see if Journey of the Healer is right for you.


  • Two 90-minute LIVE training and Q&A calls per month
  • Six one-on-one, 20-minute laser coaching calls with me or my personally trained team 12 Practice Calls
  • 3 times during the year a 3 day immersion sessions
  • A powerful community of soul-driven people
  • A private members area
  • BONUS #1: Tollerra Healing Experience 4-week video course
  • BONUS #2: Jumpstart Your Intuition self-study modules
  • BONUS #3: Activation Call
  • Journey of the Healer Graduation Certificate
  • More than 30 training modules, recordings, templates, and workbooks
Imagine feeling happier, lighter and more alive by removing any energetic blockages, raising your vibration and stimulating the flow of energy.

Imagine growing in your career or business – and up-leveling
in every area of your life.

Imagine showing up as a better leader for your clients, team,
loved ones, and the world.

Journey of the Healer was developed to help you do
all of that and more…

And I can’t wait for you to experience it!

THIS IS HUGE. I’m super excited. After Wednesday’s call on manifesting and then yesterday, I feel like I have broken through to the other side, meaning my healing used to be focused on wounds. But NOW the focus is on manifestation, joy, creation. I honestly haven’t felt so amazing since my youth. – Autumn Decosta

For more than 25 years I have guided thousands of individuals to heal themselves, open their intuition, and answer the call to become powerful. I am a Master Energy Healer, Shaman and founder of two healing schools, which have ignited the realization of many dreams.

Mary Ann Robbat

Founder Of The Center for Lifelong Happiness

©2020 Mary Ann Robbat, founder of The Center for Lifelong Happiness is an Energy Master and Life Coach specializing in helping you lead YOUR Happiest Life NOW in every life area.