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Journey of the Healer School

Congratulations for recognizing that you are ready for a thriving healing practice or ready to step into your healing capabilities.

If you are ready to really commit to your journey, to learn how to become the most powerful and effective healer, you need to prepare to:

  • Step into your role as a Healer.
  • Work, Practice and Learn a system that will allow you to create powerful transformations for people.
  • Commit the time it takes to grow your skills and business
  • Be serious enough to know your investment in this program will allow you to grow your business.

Once you complete the application you will be directed to a calendar page to set up an application call – on this call we will talk about your inspiration for being a healer, where you are on your journey and what can most help you now. We’ll also talk about any limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck.

After you book your call, be sure to mark your calendar and start to think about your #1 question when it comes to becoming your most confident healer, and how to begin or grow a thriving practice.

Because we expect a massive influx of applications, please only fill out the application if you are committed and ready to step into your greatest work in the world. I can’t wait to meet you.

Much love,

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What Others Have Experienced

“What drew me to Journey of the Healer first and foremost was a desire to continue my own healing process so that I could fully be the person I want to be to those I care most about. The experience has helped me to deepen my spiritual connections, enabling me to feel supported in my journey in a way I’ve not before. I have become more aware of the extent of the Divine gifts I have within, and the true power for good that I hold. I believe this is influencing all the interactions I have in different ways to heighten my effectiveness and ability to serve.” – Karin

“The Journey of The Healer is as a master class where I am learning more advanced and efficient healing tools to support myself and my clients. Mary Ann is sharing over 20 years of energy healing experience via her Tollerra Methodology which focuses on healing at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. One of the most powerful parts of the program is that Mary Ann is channeling new techniques of healing from her high vibrational guides. These healing practices are coming directly from Ascended Masters!
JOH has supported me in being fully confident in my abilities as a healer. One of the greatest gifts I have received in this program is the regular practice of the Tollerra Healing Methods with other healers and I am grateful for the wonderful feedback I have been getting from my fellow JOH classmates. My clients, family and friends are all benefiting from my enhanced healing skills, higher vibration and confidence through this experience!” ~ Wendy Carlson

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