You know it’s time, don’t you? You’ve been walking along on your healing journey and can feel the call to do more. Be more. Live at a higher vibration.

You can manifest, and now you want to dive even deeper into the universal field to co-create with more EASE and FLOW.

So are you ready to ACCELERATE the magic of life? Are you eager to RAISE your vibration even higher, to BOOST your manifestation, and get CLARITY around your life purpose?

Are you ready to DANCE and co-create the life of your DREAMS?

School of Source is Here for You

Like a ray of sunshine, School of Source can light your path to a brighter future. Because this is no ordinary program. At School of Source, we use direct access to ascended spiritual guides to share the wisdom and the healing you may need to co-create your BEST life. And your “teachers” are no less than the Ascended Masters who will speak directly to YOU to help break through to new levels of awareness, insight, knowledge, and healing you’ve never experienced! Ascended Masters have lived many lives and are the highest-level teachers that we can learn from.  They’ll help you shift and align your spiritual energy to your physical body, to your manifestation system, through powerful, proven techniques.
Come co-create with us for 12 delicious, soul-satisfying months and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE the beautiful crystalline energy can make in your life!

You Can Do and Be Even More

As a healer, you’ve probably already felt a soul-filling, tingling connection with Source. By continuing to develop your relationship with Source energy, you’ll heal those places within that may still hold you back from doing YOUR GREATEST WORK in the world. Deepening your connection with Source can open and STRENGTHEN your intuitive knowing and ELEVATE your vibration to make life flow almost effortlessly. Let School of Source help you align with the universal energy to get behind what you most want to MANIFEST.

Can you feel how greater ease and flow will improve your life? Imagine the possibilities of gaining accelerated CO-CREATION and crystalline CLARITY! This life-changing opportunity is by invitation only and requires a high level of energetic vibration in the world.

Why It Works

You attract what you want when your vibrations are high and your thoughts and beliefs align to this high frequency. What that means is you can have WHATEVER you desire IF you do three things really well:

  • Shift your energy to its highest vibration
  • Align your beliefs to support who you want to be
  • Supercharge your manifestation practices

Clarity of vision increases the speed of manifestation. By aligning your whole self to the vibrational energy of your soul, you can manifest more easily and LEAP into the life you want.

ENRICH your life and get the specific help you need directly from Source! You won’t need all the other programs, techniques, etc. when you can connect right to the Ascended Masters. As one former participant said, “The difference with Mary Ann is most teachers teach from books or other programs they have taken, and Mary Ann teaches directly from Source.”

Mary Ann brings over 25 years of experience with connecting directly to Source energy to help guide you on your powerful journey

Real Results, Really Fast!

Wouldn’t you love to co-create life-changing energetic shifts that empower and align you to live your dreams? Participants have already experienced amazing breakthroughs, and SO CAN YOU!

Here are just a few examples of how previous healers really amped up their manifestation vibes:

Clarity of Purpose: One participant came to Mary Ann because she was tired of living under the thumb of her inner critic. She knew she was meant for something bigger but she just wasn’t getting there. Mary Ann aligned her energy with her life purpose and guided her in taking actions and empowering her to fulfill it. Mary Ann also shifted the energy of this client’s inner critic and allowed the full wisdom and knowledge to emerge.

Business Clarity: One School of Source participant had previously worked for months on her new business trying to figure out what she would offer, but just couldn’t seem to get clarity. Through School of Source, she got a name for her business, decided how she should package her offerings, and even secured her first client ON HER WAY HOME from one of our gatherings!

Yes, manifestation can happen THAT FAST with School of Source!

Financial Abundance: Another School of Source participant always says she can’t afford NOT to come to School of Source because, after every session, large checks show up in the mail for her! School of Source clearly helps her supercharge her frequency and opens her ability to receive financial abundance.

Wouldn’t you LOVE results like these? Are you also longing for clarity, opportunities, and alignment with abundance in your life?

CALL TODAY to find out how School of Source can help you energize your frequency to the highest level to expand into a life of ease and flow!

So How Does It Work?

Your exclusive, life-altering journey through School of Source gives you:

  • 5 in-person sessions at 3 Bow Street in Lexington that will leave you crackling with energy and aligned with your greatest life
  • Sessions are 2 days each
  • Private School of Source webpage for access to all the high-vibe materials and recordings of the sessions to use between sessions

Mary Ann will channel the Ascended Masters and they’ll GUIDE YOU exactly where you need to go. The work is deep and different each time. There is no set plan, as it changes based on the group and what you all need in the moment. Just be ready to trust the Ascended Masters know exactly what you need.

Start Living Your Best Life TODAY

Make YOUR direct connection with School of Source!